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Anxiety Panic Attack

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Anxiety Panic Attack

Did you know, that just about one third of American adults experience at least one anxiety panic attack in their lifetimes? This data shows that having anxiety has become the most common emotional disorder even more so than depression or alcohol abuse. Some of us probably don`t realize it but we experience anxiety in our lives which can eventually lead to panic attacks.

To really learn about panic attacks, is to experience panic itself. Those who suffer from anxiety panic attacks, has a major life change instantly. They start to feel unexplainable fear, uncontrollable dread, as if they are going crazy. Other than that, their body starts functioning differently in relation to the attack that took place. The immediate cause of such attacks is said to be imagining feeling trapped and helpless. Though, there are situations wherein panic takes place after a big life changing moment such as death, crime or disaster.

In other cases, an anxiety panic attack is a result of several months or even weeks of stress and can happen to anyone. However, they say it happens more to persons who worry a lot, are perfectionists, or have experienced some kind of abuse in their life. It is also said to be a hereditary illness that has been passed on from the family, but there are also some cases that have not had any family link to the illness.

The ways to treat an anxiety panic attack is through therapy and medication. There are two types of therapy which are cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. There are also two kinds of medication which are antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Although there are treatments to an anxiety panic attack, these aren`t cures. They just help prevent attacks from reoccurring but there is a chance they can return.

Aside from the recommended treatments, here are some tips that can be useful if you suffer panic attacks or know anyone suffering from it:
* Learn about panic - knowing panic attacks like the back of your hand will help a lot. You can determine if you are experiencing it and know that you aren`t losing your mind.
* Discover how to control your breathing - if you get used to breathing deeply during a panic attack, it can help to relieve symptoms. This tip will allow you to calm yourself if when such attack takes place.
* Avoid smoking & drinking caffeine - both of those can trigger panic attacks from taking place.
* Be skilled at being relaxed - incorporate relaxation activities in your daily routine such as yoga and meditation. This will make your body relaxed fighting any signs of panic.

These treatments and tips don`t seem to be instant solutions to panic attacks and anxiety. There is a new program though that proves to be effective in eliminating panic attacks and general anxiety quickly and permanently. Panic Away is a powerful technique that will get rid of your panic problems without the use of medication. The goal of Panic Away is getting you back to your former self and ensuring that you will never fear the thought of having a panic attack again. Panic Away may just be the answer you`ve been waiting for to solve your anxiety problems.

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