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When Panic Attacks

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When Panic Attacks

When panic attacks, it is not exactly the most pleasant thing. It makes you feel like you are dying, going crazy, miserable, frightened, and like you are losing control of yourself. However, you have to remember that although you are feeling this way, all these feelings are not at all true. You aren`t dying, you`re not going crazy and you have definitely nothing to fear. The thing with panic attacks is that the more you panic and have fears about it, the more intense your attack will be making you feel much worse.

The best thing to do when panic attacks is to try and breathe deeply and do your best to calm yourself. You have to deal with the attack by facing it and relaxing yourself so that the attack won`t be so bad. The intensity of the attack really will depend on how you react to it so the more prepared and relaxed you handle the attack the better it will be for you. You just have to remember that this fear that you are feeling has no basis, in reality you have nothing to be scared of but fear itself.

When panic attacks, aside from dealing with it, a good way in trying to lessen the amount of attacks that strike is by figuring out what exactly is causing it to take place. It could be triggered every time you are about to cross a bridge, or it can be because of a certain situation that upsets you. In short in can be anything at all depending on each person it happens to, so your job in eliminating it is to figure out what is setting it off.

In the end of it all, when panic attacks, it is really up to you how you want to react to it. You can either deal with it calmly in a relaxed manner, or you can just panic some more making the situation much worse then it probably is. A panic attack usually lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes and hardly ever more than an hour. Although, the longest recorded attack has lasted for about 2 hours - don`t let that be you.

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